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We do not offer gluten free. It requires a separate processing area to prevent cross contamination

Do we offer gluten free?
How early do I need to order my cake?

It depends as some dates fill up quicker others. However, it is advised that you reach out at lease 10 business days prior to your event date. There are times where we are able to accommodate orders with less notice. 

Delivery and Pick Up Terms

We cannot be held liable for any damage after handover to customer once we have left the premises.  If the cake or products are collected from us, we cannot be held liable for any damages to the cake or products once they have left our premises. The collection vehicle should have a flat surface and be clean and tidy. This is the responsibility of the Buyer. The cake or products can be very fragile so we advise to drive very slowly and carefullyIt is with this in mind that we require somebody responsible, to check that they are happy with the cake or products. Once the cake has been delivered or picked up and signed for, Sweet Tweets Bakeshop is unable to accept any liability for any damage sustained to the cake thereafter. 

After Delivery

Goods placed outside are liable to react to the temperature. In hot or humid weather there is the possibility of sugar decorations melting or damage to Goods. If the cake will not be served immediately, it is recommended that the cake / baked goods are refrigerated. 

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