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Mermaid Pinata Tutorial

So here is the thing, I love pinatas but can never find one that isn't super cheesy and that will match the decor of my party. I have set out to make my own pinata. It is a lot easier than you would imagine and definitely worth the work! So here it goes, the DIY mermaid pinata.

Materials: Glue Stick, Scissors, Tissue Paper, Cardboard, Marker, Ruler, Twine, Tape

1. First things first, select a design. Then find two pieces of cardboard which are large enough for your design. Trace or free hand draw your image, then cut.

2. Now you have two peices, the front and back sides of your pinata. Now you need the sides. I measured and cut 4" wide strips of cardboard.

3. Take the 4" strips and tape together teh top of the pinata and then the bottom of the pinata. Whenever you come to point, just crease the cardboard and it will form the shape. Before you seal off the pinata you've got to do two things. Make sure to place two holes so that you can run a string to hang the pinata. I placed the holes at the top of the mermaids head and also reinforced it with additional cardbpord. Last make sure to leave a flap so that you can add the goodies.

4. Time to decorate! Take your tissue paper and and make some fringe strips. I finally invested in a pair of fringe scissors and they definitely expedited this step.

5. Now take the fringe strips and glue onto the cardboard. Since my pattern had multiple colors I took a marker and marked off the different areas. For the hair I cut larger strips of red tissue paper and adhered it to the cardboard. I also cut out eyes, a mouth, rosie cheeks, and the seashell bikini top and adhered those as well.

6. Add the goodies! I try not to use solely candy in a pinata. Since this pinata is for an all girls party I added stickers, bracelets, rings, decorative pencils, erasers, fruit snacks, and of course some candy. You could fill it with anything really. Now seal up the flap with some tape and add some more fringe and you are done. Voila! It wasn't so bad and now you've got a cute pinata to match your party!


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