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DIY Jelly Fish by Cozee Crafts

Turn any room into an aquarium! Check out these 5 easy steps.

Materials: white 12" lantern, 6" wide blue tulle, white crepe streamer, scissors, shears, and tape.

1. Open lantern and make sure the two keyholes are at the top. You'll need this to hang the lantern later on. Hold lantern and cut it in half horizontally. You'll notice the lantern has metal lining. Use shears to snip towards the end.

2. Cut streamer 16" and 24" long and crinkle. These will be the tentacles of the jelly fish.

3. Cut blue tulle 20" long and knot in 2 sections (middle and end as shown in photo)

4. Tape the streamer inside the lantern and tie blue tulle to the two key holes.

5. Thread string through the top of the lantern's keyholes and hang to the ceiling with a thumbtack.

Note: You can add as many tentacles you want. I used 6-7 pieces of streamer (some more crinkled than others to add texture and variety), and 2 pieces of tulle. For nighttime fun, place a LED light inside!


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